Security Architecture Survey



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The attack surface is constantly evolving as organizations embrace digital transformation. Traditional security approaches simply cannot extend to cover all of the different areas where the network perimeter is expanding—whether the cloud, IoT, mobility, big data, or SD-WAN. The complexity of managing a security infrastructure that has become more fragmented with the addition of point security products while maintaining compliance with industry and security standards is becoming impossible to orchestrate. This challenge is exacerbated due to threats becoming more malicious—from multivector and polymorphic—and difficult to prevent, detect, and remediate.

Without the right security architecture in place and security solutions, you simply cannot address the daunting realities these challenges pose. Assess the readiness of your security architecture and core security elements by completing a short survey. In return, we’ll send you a customized assessment report based on your answers to the questions.

Estimated time to complete survey: 3 minutes (11 questions).